Ms. Margaret first met Teachers Lisa, Angela, and Jessica at the San Francisco Chinatown YWCA's Classical Chinese Folk Dance class taught by Ms. Nina Cheng. Their bond was immediate, and after the closing of the YWCA program, they continued their training on their own, bringing the FLYING ANGELS CHINESE DANCE COMPANY to life. Ms. Margaret's passion for Chinese Folk Dance grew with her training of new techniques and exposure to different Chinese Minority dance forms. She had a special connection to her signature Dai Peacock Dance, spending years perfecting and refining the choreography to bring the graceful and beautiful bird to life.

Always focusing on the positives, Ms. Margaret had the unique ability to connect with and motivate dancers of all ages to become their personal best, and gently reminding them to "build bridges, not fences". She loved Felix the Cat and embodied the care-free, happy, whimsical personality of her "mentor". With a mission to help young people build their self-esteem and expression through Chinese dance, Margaret truly lived up to and left a legacy, based upon our company motto of "helping you to be a soaring success!"