One of our founding members, Teacher Lisa began dancing at the age of seven with the San Francisco Chinatown's YWCA, and has performed with the Chinese Folk Dance Association and the Chinese Performing Arts of America. Her specialties include turns, leaps, tumbling, and ribbons. Outside of dance, Lisa is a licensed CPA, mother of two, and the oldest of six siblings, three of whom are also teachers of the FLYING ANGELS. She enjoys spending time with her family, crocheting, and baking. She currently teaches the intermediate to advanced classes.


Teacher Angela is a founding member with over twenty-years of dance experience and the main instructor of our Baby Angels. With three small children of her own, Angela is the master of managing our youngest students. The secret to her success? Regularly scheduled alone time, having a lot of patience, and treating herself to good food! To win this teacher's favor, pass on the apples and give her some sushi, lasagna, or pho instead!


Teacher Jessica started out as a core dancer with the FLYING ANGELS and now teaches at every level. She is a role model for all our dancers due to her quiet strength, positive attitude, and willingness to accept and laugh through mistakes. Outside of FLYING ANGELS, Jessica has choreographed, coordinated, and managed the Sherman Elementary School Chinese New Year Parade routine for almost 10 years. In addition, she is a certified Zumba and Zumba Kids instructor, spreading her love of dance across all abilities and ages. Jessica is one of six siblings and mom to Rex, the most adorable aussie doodle, who you might see cheering her on during any given performance.


A Dance Major and Education Minor graduate from the University of Riverside, Teacher Kevin has been an active member of the FLYING ANGELS Family for almost twenty years. Drawing from his vast repertoire of styles including Contemporary, Hip Hop, and of course, Chinese Folk, Kevin hopes to inspire each student to find their own love and passion of dance through the elements of choreography, performance, and improvisation. He is currently working towards his MFA in Experimental Choreography from the UCR, and when not on his feet, Kevin likes to sing and jam out on his ukulele.


An Optometrist by trade and dancer by passion, Dr. Sophia is a clear favorite with our Baby Angels, being a big kid herself! Always goofing around and throwing her unique twist to dances, Sophia breaks the ice and encourages our students to relax and enjoy the process. Equally at home in the kitchen as on the dance floor, Sophia is an avid home chef and constantly trying out new recipes. Be sure to ask her for her Chinese dumpling wrapping technique!


Teacher Kim started out in ballet, tap, and hula, and was a Chinese folk dance performer for New Asia Dancers under the direction of her mother (and Angels founder), Ms. Margaret. A Jill-of-all-trades, Kim currently manages the FLYING ANGELS as well as all the behind-the-scenes operations, including maintaining our vast collection of costumes and props, MC'ing for all our performances, and keeping our dancers fed and hydrated! In her spare time, Kim likes to play in her family garden and continue her search for the best bak tong go (白糖糕) recipe.