The FLYING ANGELS CHINESE DANCE COMPANY brings excitement with their vibrant, energetic performances, specifically catered to your special event. Performing a crowd-pleasing "Glory" Ribbon Dance (above) -- we are always creating new original dance numbers which are exciting, intriguing, and true to our East-West heritage.

As we continue to adapt to Covid-19 and social distancing, we now also offer the option to view our performances virtually. Either through pre-recorded content or live streamed, this is a great way to provide entertainment and cultural enrichment to your online community. Call us today to discuss this option and how we can make it work for you!

Whichever plaform you choose -- be it in-person or virtual, we can help make your event a soaring success!


Our youngest FLYING ANGELS dancers, performing at Sunday Streets, energetically strut on their street "stage" and entertain the Excelsior Community with their lively "Chicken Dance." Presenting dances which give insight into our customs and ways, or just purely to put a smile on our audience members, is part of our joy in doing live performances. Our extensive repertoire of colorful dances can be designed into a show, which can enhance and elevate your event, making it a "soaring success!"


THE FLYING ANGELS CHINESE DANCE COMPANY is experienced with corporate and company events. You can count on us to give your audience a memorable experience and to make your event a soaring success! If you need help planning the event with an Asian theme, we can assist you. We will even CUSTOMIZE our dances and costumes to support your theme.


Bringing luck and good fortune to your special events, the FLYING ANGELS have been performing at Weddings, Red Egg Celebrations, Family Banquets and Fundraisers for 30 years! Enhance your day with a unique performance specifically designed to dazzle you, your family, and friends. We can make your special day memorable !


The FLYING ANGELS will light the path to your Pop-Up Event ! Creating a stage on a sidewalk, parking lot, or store front, our performers can attract attention and crowds, elevating your event. Sensitive to other performers and technicians, we work as a "team" with professionalism and flexibility.