The FLYING ANGELS CHINESE DANCE COMPANY is more than a school of dance. We believe dance is a bridge to teach a person how to be confident, how to think of others, as well as how to be respectful and careful. We are a company of people whose passion happens to be Chinese dance! We enjoy exploring the very rich and colorful world of Chinese dance, and we enjoy sharing our art with others.

We are good with children and have helped many shy ones realize his or her dreams of dancing. We are like a family and are very patient and adaptable. Many of our students have been with us for years and years. We believe that dance can be a lifetime involvement -- for health, recreation, and a sense of being part of a community.

Our studios are located at convenient locations within San Francisco.

If you have questions about our beginners classes or have Chinese Dance experience and are interested in our intermediate-advanced classes, please contact us at (650) 823-1120 or e-mail us at


Saturday classes for beginners to advanced:

3:15 PM to 6:15 PM

This class is where most of our company members gather to practice and learn new dances. There are the Baby Angels, Little Angels, Middle Angels and Big Angels! It may seem like a three ring circus at times, however we are able to progress every Saturday so that we can always be performance ready! We accept students ages 5 and up. Prospective students can observe or attend the first class for free.


Tuesday classes for intermediate - advanced

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

This class is invitation-only and is reserved for our intermediate to advanced dancers. Our core members practice on Tuesday nights to work on more advanced techniques and additional choreography.