You often hear us refer to our dancers as "Baby Angels" or "Elite Angels", but what does that mean? At FLYING ANGELS, our students are divided into four main groups, with each learning their own specific dances. While students generally fall into groups of similar age ranges, this is not the main determining factor of placement. More important than age and ability in determining which group a student is assigned to is their chemistry. Many of our students have danced together for several years and have developed a familiarity and chemistry that allows them to "read" each other and dance naturally in-sync . We at FLYING ANGELS hope to foster and encourage this camaraderie, as we believe it leads to happier dancers, which in turn reflects in their performances to you. We encourage each of our students to celebrate their achievements and understand that dancing is a gift for themselves that they can share with others.


The Elite Angels are our professional performing group. These are the skilled dancers you see creating spectacular shows at corporate events, banquets, and weddings. You might even catch a glimpse of them in the Pier 39 attraction, The Flyer. Our Elites include all of our Founding Members as well as select members of our Big Angels group. Their decades of experience has trained them to be familiar with performing to venues and audiences of all sizes and occasions and to deliver dazzling programs with professionalism and excitement.


The Baby Angels is generally where most kids begin, and range from the attentive 4-year-olds to the 8-year-olds with zero dance experience. Here, they are encouraged to learn to find the joy in dance as they are introduced to the different props and basic movements used in Chinese Dance. They also become familiarized with our company procedures and routines, such as taking care of our props and thanking their instructors after class.


The Little Angels is for those who have "graduated" from the Baby Angels and are ready for more technical skills and challenging choreography. We encourage our Littles to solidify their foundations and continue to challenge themselves with each new dance.


The Middle Angels consists of many of our core members, who have continued to dance and perform together for much of their young lives. This group consists of dancers with 7+ years of experience and forms a hybrid bridge between the Little Angels and Big Angels.


Our Big Angels make up our highest level and consists of our advanced dancers and instructors. They are both the choreographers and students, having trained together for 10+ years and continuing to train together weekly on new material! They are dedicated and passionate about our company, and work tirelessly to pass on their skills, knowledge, and dances to our next generation of FLYING ANGELS.