We are a company of dancers who love to entertain, educate and excite our audiences with our performances. We have a passion for Chinese dance, traditional and contemporary. Our repertoire is comprised mostly of original dances that reflect our American background as well as our Asian heritage.

"Family" is important to us. We see members of our company as "FAMILY." When we teach, we emphasize patience and respect for each other, for our parents, and for our teachers. This is the way of the traditional Chinese family. Our dance is to keep us healthy, in touch, and in balance. We encourage our dancers to keep up their practice for the long-term, through the many changes one may experience in growing up. We understand the busy lifestyles of today's families, so we try to be time-efficient with our classes, rehearsals, and performances. We are flexible, yet expect a high level of commitment and sincere effort from our students and members.